Urinary incontinence can be a sensitive topic. Males who are affected by this condition may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by it. They may feel that they are limited in mobility or restriction the activities they can in engage. Fortunately, there are many solutions available for male urinary incontinence that allow men with this issue to lead full and physically active lives. Here are a few products that are very helpful in managing urinary incontinence.

Urinary Control Pressure Products: Through a gentle application of pressure in just the right spot, control devices like Regain can help men with mild to moderate urinary incontinence issues prevent urine leakage. These devices are easy to use, non-invasive and extremely discreet.

Compression Pouch: Like the pressure rings, compressions pouches like the ActiCuf apply a gentle pressure to control urine leakage. However, pouches fit around the urethra and have the added benefit of a padded bag that absorbs any drips or leaks. The pouch is comfortable and very easy to hide under clothing. Like the rings, pouches are very discreet.

Pelvic Muscle Training Programs: For men who wish to tackle this issue with exercise and training, pelvic floor training programs can be used to build muscle strength in the pelvic area. These trainings programs can be helpful in improving urinary issues and sexual health.

Portable Urinary Incontinence Systems: Men who deal with the highest level of urinary incontinence often struggle to find effective solutions that don’t involve diapers or heavy padding that is difficult to conceal. Comprehensive systems like UR Free To Go provide a comfortable and discreet way to conceal a urine collection system. This system is non-invasive and also eliminates odors and uncomfortable wetness.

Incontinence Underwear: These products have the look and feel of regular underwear. They’re crafted from a highly absorbent material that seals in leaks and drips. Products like ProtechDry give the wearer confidence to live their life as usual. This underwear can be purchased in single-use styles and washable styles for reuse.