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Penile Implant Looks & Feels Natural

Sensations, Pleasure & Orgasm remain intact. It’s your own Penis.

This is a 65 years old diabetic gentleman with severe ED.  He has tried oral meds, injections, and VED’s.  None worked.

Penile duplex ultrasound: Severe venous leakage.

4 weeks after outpatient surgery.  Able to make youthful love as long as he wants, and as many times as he or his spouse desire. No limits.

100% confidence in the bedroom and beyond.

No more “Sorry honey, Let’s see what happens next time…”   No disappointments again.

Penile Implant before and after activation in less than 20 seconds.


Number of American Men with Erectile Dysfunction


American Men Having Penile Implant Surgery Per Year


Oral ED medication failure rate after 1 year


Key Point: Don't waste time!


Penile Duplex Ultrasound evaluation will help you understand why. Lack of response to oral medications may indicate severe blood vessel disease to the penis or leakage of blood out of penis during erection which can weaken firmness and maintenance of erection. Dr. Tajkarimi can help you fully assess your ED and offer realistic and successful solutions to restore your erection and sexual health.

If you want to live without ED, then you must see Dr. Tajkarimi as soon as possible. 

When is the best time in your life to get a penile implant?

You should have an implant whenever you want to fix your ED problem.

Men without natural erection and severe ED (No response to oral ED medications, Diabetes, vascular/heart disease, pelvic surgery/radiation, etc.) typically lose 1/3 to 1/2 inch of their penis length per year due to atrophy and tissue fibrosis. This loss is irreversible and permanent.  Men with severe ED should consider penile implant if they wish to maintain their penis size and to have spontaneous and on-demand sexual ability as soon as possible. Penile implant surgery doesn’t affect the way your penis looks or feels. The difference is your complete ability to have a firm erection on-demand.

    Minimally invasive penile implant surgery is not the treatment of last resort.

If you suffer from hip or knee osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, do you walk with a painful limp or use a cane for years before you finally decide to have knee or hip implant surgery?
New minimally invasive implant technique offered by Dr. Tajkarimi can permanently restore your erection in 30 minutes with quick recovery.
No more pills, needles, VED’s, or disappointments.

So you’re ready when the moment arrives…

It is important that you and your partner learn about penile implants and its tremendous impact on your self-esteem and confidence in the bedroom and beyond.

Questions? Contact Dr. Tajkarimi
Dr. Tajkarimi patient 3 weeks after surgery (before inflation)Dr. Tajkarimi Patient 3 weeks after surgery (after Inflation)
Questions? Contact Dr. Tajkarimi

Penile Implant Institute of Greater Washington is a world-class & ultra-modern destination for minimally invasive penile implant surgery and other sexual medicine services in the Washington DC region. We are located in beautiful Lansdowne, Virginia.  Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi is an internationally recognized urologist, inventor and robotic surgeon.  He offers the new outpatient minimally invasive penile implant surgery.  He performs 3-4 penile implants per week, including revisions.  Covered by Medicare and most insurances.  Self-pay options and financing is available.  Dr. Tajkarimi also offers a full spectrum of services that include general urology, oncology, female urology and robotic surgery.  He also offers 7 minutes painless office vasectomy. Read more »

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Percentage of very satisfied partners of men with penile implant
Percentage of satisfied men with penile implant

Penile Implant Institute of Greater Washington

Lansdowne, Virginia

10 minutes from Dulles International Airport

Questions? Contact Dr. Tajkarimi
Dr Tajkarimi - Urologist

Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi

Dr. Tajkarimi has dedicated most of his career in helping men, women, and children overcome urological conditions using the latest science and technology.   He is CEO and Founder of Reflexonic Inc. and UrologyHealthStore.com.  His FDA approved products and inventions help tens of thousands of men and women worldwide with urological conditions, including ED, urinary incontinence, Peyronie’s disease, and spinal cord injury every year.
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Penile Implants by Dr. Tajkarimi

Penile Implant Surgery

Dr. Tajkarimi can help restore your sexual confidence.  He offers state-of-the-art penile duplex ultrasound and other diagnostic tools to properly evaluate your condition.  He has perfected the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques for quickest recovery and most satisfying results. Procedures are outpatient or one night stay, depending on your specific needs.  Our out of town guests can be evaluated via Telemedicine, and travel to Washington DC for preoperative visit the day before their surgery and return home in 1-2 days.
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World class and ultra-modern amenities only Washington DC and Dr. Tajkarimi’s team can offer.  You can expect 5-star service, including resort package, limousine service, spa, and comprehensive surgery, anesthesia, implant, and hospital care package for self pay patients.  Complete confidentiality.  Guest can request that their name and information is completely concealed during the entire visit and surgery.
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Penile Implant Institute


Situated only 10 minutes from Dulles International Airport and 25 minutes from the nation’s Capital in beautiful Lansdowne, Virginia, Penile Implant Institute of Greater Washington and Capital Men’s Health redefines sexual health practice in the nation’s capital.
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Penile Implantation

So you are ready when the moment arrives…

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Dr. Tajkarimi placed a penile implant in 2012 for me after my prostate surgery by another local surgeon. My wife and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. It works as good as I was 40 years ago. Thank you Dr. Taj!

John F, Frederick Maryland

He made me feel very comfortable in discussing very private and personal aspects of my urological condition. He discussed all alternatives to further help me make an intelligent medical decision. I highly recommend this astute, caring, and knowledgeable urologist!

Thomas J. Martinsburg, WV Implant patient

We are lucky to have such a skilled and experienced surgeon in our area. Dr Taj is straight forward and very thorough – I wish more doctors were like him.

Tom D. Washington DC

My experience with Dr Taj was from heaven above. His robotic surgical skills are amazing. I truly believe if Dr.Taj didn’t do my surgery I probably wouldn’t be here today. Again thank you Dr. Taj and the good Lord above.

CJ Maryland, Your Content Goes Here

Dr. Tajkarimi’s research and inventions has been featured on the Dr’s on CBS.

Ask Dr. Tajkarimi

What is Erectile Dysfunction?
ED is when a man fails to achieve or maintain a consistent erection suitable for penetrative sexual intercourse.  ED can lead to loss of confidence, depression, and anxiety.

What are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Many conditions that affect nerves, blood flow, and pelvic floor strength can lead to ED.  These conditions include diabetes, hypertension, heart and vascular disease, neurological conditions, pelvic surgery or radiation, back surgery, smoking, excess alcohol use, drug use.  The quality of your erection is a gauge of your overall health.

When is the best time in my life to get a penile implant?

Non-erect penis is always in a state of low oxygenation and blood flow.  Normally men have several night time erection episodes which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the erectile tissues of penis.  Men with progressive and severe ED typically lose 1/2 inch of their penis size per year due to atrophy and tissue fibrosis.  Vacuum erection devices and oral PDE-5 inhibitors (viagra, cialis, etc) help reduce the rate of length loss for a period of time.  Men with severe ED should consider penile implant sooner than later if they wish to restore their spontaneous and on-demand sexual ability.   For this reason, penile implants are not really the treatment of last resort.  How can the most successful treatment for ED be the treatment of last resort?

If you wish to have spontaneous, predictable and strong erections, then it is important that you and your partner learn about penile implants impact your confidence in the bedroom and beyond.  

What types of penile implants are available?
There are two types of penile implants approved by the US FDA, 3-piece inflatable penile prosthesis or malleable penile prosthesis.   Most men receive the inflatable penile prosthesis.  Both types of implants do not affect your orgasm, sensation, or ejaculation if you have them before surgery.  The entire device is concealed and after a few weeks, you will not likely notice anything different about your body.

How effective are penile implants?
Penile Implant patients and their partners have the highest satisfaction from their ED treatment.  The reason is simple:  You will not have erectile dysfunction anymore after penile implant.  You can have sex at anytime in less than 15-20 seconds, likely faster than natural erection.  You can have sex as long as you want and as many times as you wish.  There are no limits.

Each penile implant device comes with a lifetime warranty.

Do penile implants increase penis size?

Penile implants are not intended to increase penis size.  We can only place the size that your penis allows us to place.  Penis cannot become larger with penile implants.  However, the loss of length and size of penis due to ED and Peyronie’s disease can be stopped after penile implant placement. If you only want to receive an implant to increase the size of your penis, please do not get an implant.  You may consider penile traction options for several months to regain the loss of length and then consider penile implant.

Will Penile implants make my penis shorter?

Penile implants do not make your penis shorter. In fact, they keep the penis from becoming shorter overtime due to atrophy and loss of smooth muscle.  Men who complain of penis shortening, are comparing themselves to the pre-ED years, which is before they began to lose length.

What are the benefits of minimally invasive penile implant?
We offer Dr. Perito’s infrapubic technique and penoscrotal technique perfected by experts, such as Dr. Andrew Kramer.   This is combined with Dr. Tajkarimi’s years of surgical experience with prosthetic surgery and unique penile rehabilitation to allow you to obtain the best results.  Very minimal manipulation of tissue is performed, therefore recovery can be faster.

Are penile implants discreet?
Yes, they are concealed within the penis and scrotum.  When the device is deactivated, your penis will be in complete flaccid state, just like normal.  When you decide to have an erection, you can activate the hydraulic system to obtain erection.

The scars will not be visible after several weeks.  You can walk around in the shower naked and no one will notice you have an implant.  The only giveaway is your confidence to have sex anytime you wish, and that you can have incredible firmness and ability to have intercourse, more than any younger 20 years old with no ED can imagine.  

Are penile implants covered by insurance?
Generally, most insurance will cover penile implant surgery including medicare.   However, for some men which coverage is not available, penile implant is an investment and a gift to yourself.  Remember, the longer you wait for an implant, the penis will shrink 1-2 cm per year if you have severe ED with no nighttime erections to bring oxygen and nutrients to your penis.  If you have a 6 inch penis right now, and cannot have any erection, your penis size will likely be 4.5 inches in 3 years. 


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