When is the best time in your life to get a penile implant?

You should have an implant whenever you want a fix to your ED problem.

Men without natural erection and severe ED (Diabetes, vascular/heart disease, pelvic surgery/radiation, etc.) typically lose 1/2 inch of their penis size per year due to atrophy and tissue fibrosis. This loss is irreversible and permanent.  Men with severe ED should consider penile implant if they wish to maintain their penis size and to have spontaneous and on-demand sexual ability as soon as possible.

    Minimally invasive penile implant surgery is not the treatment of last resort.

If you suffer from hip or knee osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, do you walk with a painful limp or use a cane for years before you finally decide to have knee or hip implant surgery?

New minimally invasive implant technique offered by Dr. Tajkarimi can permanently restore your erection in 30 minutes with quick recovery.
No more pills, needles, VED’s, or disappointments.

So you’re ready when the moment arrives…

If you want to live without ED, to have reliable, predictable and strong erections, then it is important that you and your partner learn about penile implants and its tremendous impact on your self-esteem and confidence in the bedroom and beyond.


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