Like most medications, erectile dysfunction pills will have side effects. Here are some common ones to look out for:

Headaches: This is one of the most common side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs. Increased levels of nitric oxide in the body causes a shift in blood flow, which can cause headaches.

Aching Muscles and Back Pain: Some men experience muscle aches all over the body. Most men report feeling low back pain in particular. Over-the-counter painkillers can be used to manage this side effect. Consult your doctor before taking any ingested remedies.

Nasal Congestion: A runny, stuffy nose is to be expected. Nasal congestion is typically a temporary side effect. Consult your doctor should the congestion linger.

Blurry Vision: Slightly blurry vision is considered normal, but sudden intense blurriness or loss of vision altogether is cause for concern and medical care should be sought out immediately.

Digestive Issues: You may experience diarrhea, indigestion or an upset stomach. These side effects can be managed by reducing your caffeine intake, changing your diet and drinking plenty of water. Your doctor can help you come up with a remedy plan.

Dizziness: The nitric oxide in erectile dysfunction drugs will often cause mild dizziness. Many men find this side effect fades after taking the drugs for a little while. If the dizziness hinders your daily activities, talk to your doctor.

Flushing Skin: Flushing and redness in the face and neck is very common with these drugs. The skin may appear blotchy or you may develop a rash. This side effect is relatively harmless and you can reduce its intensity it by avoiding alcohol, spicy foods, and spending too much time in the heat.

Who Should Avoid Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Erectile dysfunction drugs are safe for most men, but certain patients may be discouraged from taking them. Doctors may be hesitant to prescribe these types of medications for men who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, eye disease, liver disease, kidney disease and those who have had a stroke at any point in their lives. If you have a preexisting medical conditions, make sure your doctor is aware of any and all diseases and medications you may be taking. Erectile dysfunction drugs can interact with other drugs.