Tips For Ejaculation Success In Men With Spinal Cord Injury

Written by David Buck, Tennis Champion, SCI advocate I've been using PVS (Penile vibratory stimulation) to ejaculate for over 16 years. When using PVS as a spinal cord injury, brain injury, stoke patient, MS or any man, we need to understand the way we respond to vibratory stimulation. We can typically only have successful ejaculation [...]

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Safe Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

More men are affected by erectile dysfunction than you may think. It can be a taboo topic in most circles which can make finding solutions for dealing with erectile dysfunction that much more difficult. Many effective solutions come down to incorporating the appropriate lifestyle changes to reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction and improve sexual [...]

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What’s Your Favorite Nerve?…How ‘Bout The Pudendal?

by Andrew Siegel, MD- Urologist, Author, Inventor We all have favorite colors (I’m partial to blue and green) and numbers (3 does it for me), but favorite nerves…Who has a favorite nerve? I submit that you have a favorite nerve, but just don’t know it! There are many nerves within the human body and there [...]

How does Penimaster Pro compare to all other penis extenders (traction devices) available in the market? i.e. Andropenis, X4labs, Physiomed, Fastsize, Sizegenetics or Phallosan?

Urologist's perspective of different models of penis extenders or penile traction devices for treatment of Peyronie's disease, male enhancement, and treatment in conjunction with Xiaflex injection. Penimaster Pro, Sizegenetics, USphysiomed, Fastsize, Phallosan, Andropenisnare compared.

Benefits of Penis Pumps

Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing topic for some men. They find it so embarrassing that they neglect to explore solutions for bettering their sexual health. If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, it is important to know that there are non-invasive ways of treating this issue. Penis pumps are a good place to start. [...]

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Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

The negative side effects of mixing excessive alcohol consumption and sexual activity has been well documented. Men who deal with erectile dysfunction should be aware of factors and habits that could be increasing their likelihood of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Even small lifestyle changes can result in significant improvements in sexual health. The Short Term Side [...]

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Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction

Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction - This is an issue that can affect men of all age groups, sizes, races and income brackets. Many studies have been conducted by medical professionals to help us gain an understanding of why erectile dysfunction occurs and what can trigger it. Part of fully understanding the mechanics of erectile dysfunction [...]

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